Minitokyo is a servant to all gods and goddesses. She is also a water bender.

she is owned by firestar.


She has all wys been a servant to all gods and goddesses and gods. Ever since she was born.
  • Mini's Goddess form
  • Mini's Fighting form


She is very kind. But sometimes she will play tricks on you. She is ALWAYS ready to fight. she loves to read. She can be shy sometimes. She likes The Life Lord.


Mini usally trys to wear something simple. But she usally wears kimonos. She will usally put a rose in her hair. Her hair is blue.


Mind Reader: She can read minds and tell what they are thinking.

Water Beam: She can shoot water out of her hands.

Water Cyclone: Ok. This one is obvious. :D

Teleport: Also obvious!! :D

Fun FactzEdit

  • She likes The Life Lord
  • She loves flowers
  • She knows every god.

i will finish later.