Name: Yua (結愛, meaning bound affection, 結 (yu) "tie, bind" and 愛 (a) "love, affection")

Race: Goddess (former human)

Goddess of: Love, affection, and relationships

Height: 5ft 4in

Ability: Mainpulation of roses, love, relationships, and affection

She glows a rose colored aura


Yua is very loving and gods tend to fall in love with her. She is soft-spoken and tends to be shy. She's fond of flowers, especially roses and can manipulate them and use a vine of roses as a whip. She can anyone fall in love with her, using it to her advantage in battle. She also gives good love and relationship advice. She also reads a lot, often carrying a book with her and can be seen with one. She also has a leather-bound diary. She doesn't generally fight, but she can wield a naginata. She's also keen and can tell if someone is in love or has a crush on someone.


Relationships Edit

Celeste: She knows Celeste has a crush on someone and wonders why she makes a bunch of excuses.


She has silky pure white hair that goes all the way to her hips, and has deep rose pink eyes and fair skin, and rosy cheeks. She wears a long-sleeved blue dress with puffs on the shoulder part and a golden cross-like shape on each puff, with orange sleeve cuffs, with the dress going ankle-length and a white collar wearing a golden Cross necklace and has a high thigh slit, with opaque black stockings held by a simple brown garter belt. The inside of skirt is shown to be orange. She also wears an orange ribbon tied on her head like a headband. She wears ankle-length black boots with a thick 3 inch heel.


Yua history

Rosetta park

Yua was walking in a park during early spring where she saw a couple arguing, resulting in a breakup, the boy stormed out the park while the girl sat down on bench and began to cry. She felt bad for her and so came up to her trying to cheer her up and listen to her story.The next day while walking on a sidewalk, she saw the boy and girl walking together, laughing and smiling together, the girl saw her and mouthed, "thank you," at her and Yua started glowing her rose aura, and turned into her current appearance, realizing she was the goddess of love. She then started helping people and couple with their romantic relationships. She doesn't remember how she looked like before she became a goddess.