• Yorokobi using her Happy Power
  • Yorokobi's Normal Form
  • Hello there! Are you lost?
  • Yoro's Sad Form (Or at Least Not As Happy)
  • Say, can I put down this bowl now?
  • Yorokobi's Staff (As seen in Black Magic)
No longer reserved, my friend won't be on ths wiki. Now open for RP. (But only if you can act out a hilariously cheerful and airheaded character well! :D)

Name: Yorokobi (meaning 'joy')

Other Titles: The Mad Medic (as seen in God of Betrayal)

Twin Power: She is a helper and healer

A bit about Yorokobi: Yorokobi is the Goddess of arts, creativity, and healing. She and her twin sister Kogata are servants to all Gods and Godesses, and were meant for this role the moment they were born. Their birth details are unknown as of yet, but it is known that they were raised by Shiro. Yorokobi has super-enhanced sight, mainly so that she knows if she's required for anything, such as cooking or a healing. She also frequently gives Kurai cooking lessons, which generally don't end well. She is the girlfriend of Magma

Abilities: Her sight, as mentioned earlier, and she can also make others happy by just being there. She has a huge staff shaped like a crescent, which, when used properly, can literally shoot down the moon. When this happens, it is up to her sister Kogata to put it back up again. She is also a great healer and cooks brilliant pies.

Appearance: She normally has dark gray hair and a distant look. Probably because she's spying on people on the other side of the world! Her eye colour changes depending on her mood. (Although her eyes are normally a snowy kind of blue)

Owned by Kogata (Don't steal!)