Yokais hunting a human

Yokais (sometimes spelled youkai) are like japanese demon or spirit in japan as in the word "yokai" meaning demon, spirit, or monster. Yokais are known to haunt and kill humans while others bring luck to those who encounter them. Yokais are known as well to have paranormal powers, shape-shifting being the most common and some other yokais are formally human under some stuff.


Shapeshifting yokai are called obake yokai


Most animal yokai can shapeshift, especially, tanuki and kitsune yokai, often changing into human forms, and very often women, regardless of the yokai's true gender

Tanuki yokai (raccoon dogs)

Kitsune yokai (foxes)

Hebi yokai (snakes)

Mujina yokai (badgers)

Bakeneko yokai (cats)

Tsuchigumo and Jurogumo (spiders)

Inugami (dogs)


Oni are the Japanese orges living in the moutains with red, blue, or brown skin while holding a spiked club. All onis have at least one horn on their head, if having one horn it'll be on their forehead, if two horns they grow on their head like a bull's. Their mouth is full of fanged teeth and wearing nothing but tiger-skin loincloths.


A class of yokais and obakes. Being normal household items, by the time of it's 100th birthday it's becomes alive and self-aware

Bakezouri (straw sandals)

Biwa-bokuboku (a lute)

Bura-bura (a paper lantern)

Kasa-obake (umbrellas)

Kameosa (old sake jars)

morinji-no-kama (tea kettles)

Mokmoku-ren (paper screens, with eyes)

Humaniod YokaisEdit

some yokais are formally human by training of magic but some humans become yokais by the way they act in their daily life

Rokuro-kubi - Human, mainly female, have the ability to make their necks strech their necks to great lengths

Ohaguro-bettari - A figure, mainly female, turns to reveal a face only with a blackened mouth

Futakuchi-onna - A woman grows an extra mouth behide her head because of how little she ate, forming the mouth and forcing her to eat more.

Dorotabo - A risen corspe of a famer, who haunts their old, abused land

Characters being a yokaiEdit

the list of characters being a yokai

Epona (yokai, open for RP)

Genevieve (Kitsune, Fire's)

Kogasa (Open for RP, Tsukumogami)

Kotone (Yokai, Open for RP)

Misaki (Yokai, Open for RP)

Xiulan (Kitsune, Blackfur's)

Yumeko Amaya (Kitsune Blackfur's)