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goddess of poetry and archery. element/s: water. She speaks mostly Greek. But she also speaks English.


She is very kind and will do anything to protect her friends and family. She is great at writing poetry. She is also great at archery. She likes Calan.
  • Yachi's Goddess form
  • Yachi's Fighting form
  • Yachi's human form
  • Yachi's normal form
  • Yachi's human form 2 (the cat ears are a head-band.)
  • Yachi with her special umbrella. (it gives her water powers) this is also her school form
  • Yachi's Healer form
  • Yachi's cat Monica. (Monica helps her speak english.)
  • Yachi's Weapon (a jian)
  • Yachi's Guitar. (her instrument)


She has white hair or black hair. She is the goddess of poetry and archery.

Goddess form: She wears a brown and wite winter like outfit witha brown hat. Her hair is long in this form.

Fighting form: She wears a ninja outfit with flames on it and her hair in pig-tails. Her weapon is a katana.

Human form: She wears a red white and black lace outfit. She always has a fan with her in this form. Her hair is short in this form.

Normal form: She wears a white dress in this form with gray ruffles on the shoulder. Her hair is short in the form.

Human form 2: She wears a maid outfit with her hair up. She also wears a head-band with cat ears.

School form: She wears a blue and white sailor-like outfit witha yellow bow. she carries a speacial umbrella. Her hair is long in this form.

Healer form: She wears a simple white dress in this form. Her hair is long in this form.


No one knows how she became goddess of poetry and archery, but it is yet to be discovered. (or firestar is to lazy to think of a good history. xD)


Poet Confusion: She will read a poem and make her foe fall in love with her, be sleepy, or confused, then she will attack.

Healer: She can heal anyone/anything in the form.

Water Archery: She makes a bow and arrow out of water then fires it ather target. Once it hits, her target explodes (if it is tree or somthing like that) or paralizes it (if it's a person).


Yachi's instrument is a aucoustic guitar. Here are the songs she can play:

Yachi's Song: It can make people very calm. She always plays this song when she's alone.

Sonata Of Healing: She can heal anyone. She usally plays this when she is in her healer form.

Song of Fighting: She will have ultimate power and be able to run very fast.

Water Jian: Her jian is half water and has an outline that is made of light.

I'll finish her later.