Name: Tsubasa (meaning "wing")

  • Tsubasa
  • She is also fond of slums
  • She can be cute when she wants to

Species: Shinigami (death god)

Personality: Tsubasa's appearance is frightening, but she actually loves humans, and wants to watch over/guide them until the moment of death, when she helps them to rest peacefully. However, when angered, she glows with dark energy and anyone in her prescence becomes sick and weak. Unlike other Shinigami, she doesn't invite humans toward death unless she truly believes it will help them. Usually she just guides the dead into the afterlife, so she'd more like a ferryman, although she can still kill humans. She rarely mingles with the living, but when she does, she can only be recognised as a Shinigami by someone with magical abilities.


Death: Kills someone instantly, in whichever way she wishes. It usually doesn't work as well on youkai, though, and absolutely nothing happens if attempted on an immortal (like a god or something)

Flying: She has wings, but she doesn't necessarily need to flap them in order to fly. For hovering a few inches above the ground, for example, wings aren't required. She can also hide them if needed.

Scythe: She has incredible skill with a scythe and can handle it like a pro. It's also cursed so that unless she gives it willingly to someone, their original lifespan with be cut in half.

Foresight: She knows when someone is going to die just by looking at them. It's a bit depressing.

Owned by Kogata. Steal and you will die early.