The Voice

The Voice's Physical Form is just a pair of Eyes

: The Voice has no real name, but is sometimes called Onsei by Nejireta when she doesn't feel like saying Voice

Race: Unknown

Personality: Merciless, kind of evil, likes manipulating people. Can be very persuasive

A bit about the Voice: Little is known about the Voice, seeing as the few people that have encountered it are in no position to talk about it. Nejireta is perfectly able to talk, obviously, but she doesn't really like to, especially not about the Voice. The Voice is a kind of entity that has the ability to inhabit people's heads and make them do whatever it wants them to. Of course, it doesn't do this by just saying to the person, "Go do this". It actually does this by manipulating memories of people and making them seem wronged or whatever. Alternatively, it just threatens them. It has no real form, but sometimes appears as a pair of eyes (colours vary from red, to white, to amber). Most of the time, the eyes have no pupils.

Appearance: Pretty darn scary.


Mind Manipulation: The Manipulation of the Mind.

Creepy Laugh: In which it laughs in such a way that some people commit suicide in order to get away.

Possession: In which the Voice decides to settle down in someone's mind.

Rapid Eject: In which the Voice leaves the vessel it is currently inhabiting so quickly that the person's mind pretty much short curcuits and they go brain-dead.

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