The Life Lord

This character is owned by: Dyno

The Life Lord is an ancient, all powerful God who can (Supposedly) control any being in the universe. He is the god of the mind. He likes Emiko.  He is roleplayed by Dynovan. He will feature in The Epic Saga.


The Life Lord is a bold, loud talking person. He has a brilliant mind, a result of visiting the minds of other people. He states that he is so brilliant he does not need to eat or drink, however he has been seen in a restaurant.


The Life Lord was once a god who lived in an ancient area of heaven. He had to flee when he was framed for a crime by an umknown being. He was on the run for many years before arriving in the town. He bought a house and settled down. No one knows what he was framed for or who framed him.

Most likely to sayEdit

"Watch yourself, sonny. You don't mess with The Life Lord."

Fanfics featuring The Life LordEdit

Race to the door

Interesting FactsEdit

The Life Lord is not his real name. No one knows what his real name is, and he won't reveal it.