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Name: Rui (meaning "kind")

Personality: She's scared of almost everything--her reflection, Nejireta's whip, her own knife. She is very kind, and very quiet, too; possibly because she has been bullied into permanent submission by Nej. She is terrified of Nejireta and Kurai, but she also is very close to Nej, even though she is always pushed away. She has suffered a lot of shocks and trauma in her lifetime. Although she is much more kind and lighthearted than Nejireta, she has a sinister air about her, and has a knack for creeping people out. She is always trying to make friends, but because of her dark aura, people pass her by. She is very insecure and tends to misinterpret innocent sentences as death threats. Her greatest wish is to become invisible so that she doesn't need to talk to people and people won't try to talk to her.

About Rui: Rui is the other half of Nejireta's spirit. They are always fighting because of their conflicting personalities, but Nejireta is very protective of her, despite the fact that she is
Professor Layton and the Last Specter - Black Market

Professor Layton and the Last Specter - Black Market

Rui's theme (I DO NOT OWN THIS)

always calling her useless. Nejireta, although she doesn't like Rui, holds a certain amount of respect for her, as she has a way of scaring people in a way that she herself just can't manage. When angered, Rui's insanity surfaces and she becomes very dangerous to the people around her. Due to past experiences, she has become more unstable than her other half, Nejireta. Rui has a knife, which she rarely uses,
【ヘタ鬼派生動画】 HetaOni OST - Gentleman 【APヘタリア】

【ヘタ鬼派生動画】 HetaOni OST - Gentleman 【APヘタリア】

(Don't own this) I added this as her "other theme", because there's more to her than just being creepy. She has a pretty tragic past

but when she is frightened, she takes it out, even if just to reassure herself by making sure she, too, is armed. She is often seen wandering through fields of flowers, as though looking for something. Whatever it is, she never finds it.

Owned by _Kogata_. Possible RP character