• Riso, the Phantasm
  • Vazase, Riso's brother

About RisoEdit

Riso, brother of the god Vazase, is an immortal keeper of spirits called the Phantasm.

Race: Human (Immortal)

Abilities: Control over spirits and demons

Animal Form: None

Other Forms: None

Hair: Black

Eyes: Golden

Weapons: Ceremonial knife

History of RisoEdit

Riso was born into a loving family and the twin brother of Vazase , the god of rain (Although he was mortal at that time). At age 17, an evil gang abducted and brutually tortured them day and night. Vazase was able to escape, but Riso remained imprisoned. After a full year of torture, he was overpowered by his rage. He escaped and killed everyone of his torturers. He later found out he became the Phantasm, the controller of death itself.


Riso is a cruel torturer. He has no remorse for himself, and he has no compassion, mercy, and pity for anyone else. But deep, deep down inside, he is kind and caring. But, if he loves someone and someone loves him back, his true self comes out.


In his one and only form, he has dark hair and golden eyes. He wears a button-down white shirt with dark pants and dark shoes.

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