• Rina's Goddess form
  • Rina's Human form
  • Rina's Fighting form
  • Rina's Animal form (A snow wolf)
  • Rina's Snow form
  • Rina's School form
  • Rina's Weapon (an ice sword)
She is the goddess of snow and ice.


She was ice skating on the frozen lake and fell in. No one noticed. After a few hours, she had escaped and then became the goddess of snow and ice.


She is very kind but a little shy. She is all ways ready to fight. She loves cold weather and snow. She is dating Disco. Her best friend is Emiko.


She has dark blue hair (formerly blue).

Goddess form: She wears a blue eskimo-like outfit.

Human form: She wears a long sleve, orange and white, under shirt. On top she wears a red, baggy shirt with a whhite and red scarf. She wears a maroon skirt and maroon hat.

Fighting form: She wears a school-like outfit and wears glasses. She wears gold chains on her wrists. She is in the form often.(Her personality changes in this form, She is more agrresisve and thinks she can do everything herself.)

School uniform: She wears a blue and white school uniform.