PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. I have seen new users uncomfortable, or not knowing what to do, with finding pictures. OK, the simplest way is to

  1. Go on Google Images. (or Bing images, Yahoo! Images, etc.)
  2. Type in: -color here- Anime girl/boy.
  3. Look for your desired picture, Save the Image onto your computer. MAKE SURE THAT IT IS APPROPRIATE, AND TRY FINDING AT LEAST 4 PICTURES. (No more than 30, which is overkill)
  4. Go on Battle of the God's Role playing Wiki.
  5. Go to your user page, click edit.
  6. At the right-hand side, there should be a couple of boxes that say: Photo, Gallery, Slideshow, Slider, Video, and Table. What you want to click is the Gallery or Slideshow one. Your choice.
  7. You should know the rest.

AND there WILL be consequences, if someone copies someone else's photo, without permission. By the way, remember: If the photo you are using's NOT yours, please give credit to the person who made it.


  • Using someone else's photo


After 4 warnings you will get:

  1. A 2-week ban

That's pretty much it. XD...Nothing REALLY serious, but please remember these rules.

You can use other users' pic(if they changed the character's pics), but you have to ask them, also if you want to you it for your profile pic.