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Pandora is the goddess of sorcery and haunting

  • Pandora's Goddess form
  • Pandora's Human form
  • Pandora's Haunting form
  • Pandora's Normal form
  • Pandora's School form


Pandora is very shy especially around someone she likes. She usually keeps the room tht she is in very dim. And when is alone she turns invisible. She loves listening to music. She is very good with magic and when she haunts, she becomes invisible. She NEVER lets anyone know that she is a goddess or a sorceress.


Sometimes, when she doesn't want to be around someone, she turn invisible o they can't see her.

Goddess form: She wears a black and red kimono with a re flower in her hair.

Human form: She has long black hair and wears a white blouse with a red bow, black hat, and a black skirt.

Haunting form: She wears a dark gray and white sailor-like outfit with dark gray knee-high socks.

Normal form: She wears a black and white sailor-like dress with music notes on it. She has ribbon like wings.

School form: She wears a yellow and black outfit with a white blouse and a red bow. She wears a white head band in her hair.


Pandora was always very shy. She didn't have very many friends. Her parents were sorcerers so they wanted Pandora to be a sorcerer. She tryed and tryed but she couldn't do it. One day a ghost appeared to her and wouldn't leave her side. Everyone runned away from her. Then she learned to become invisible fom the ghost. The ghost became her friend. Her only friend. When her ghost friend had left her side she learned as much sorcery as she could so she could bring back her friend. When she did she had used to much of her energy and died. Then she became goddess of sorcery and haunting.


Mind Reader- She can read minds and communicate with people in their mind.

Invisible Spell- She can turn invisible and no one can see her.

Call of The Spirits- She can call ghosts to help her fight or haunt.

Ice Breath- She breaths ice and freezes her foe.


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