Myung-Hee (명희) means bright.


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History Edit

"Angels. They were falling."

It was all of their fault; the destruction of Heaven, the torn-down ruins of Hell.

Where was their leader? Their God to look at when they had no support? This was their fate-planned job, to walk in God's footsteps, follow his orders.

What was their purpose in life now?

One of those fallen angels was a young one, barely trained to learn how to serve the big daddy upstairs.

Her name was Myung-Hee.

In her past life, she was a waitress at a restaurant. She died after getting hit by a car, causing her to go into coma and never waking up.

And as for her second chance in life as a human angel, she didn't know what to do. The world is exactly how she left it, except angels now roam the earth, not knowing what to do. She currently wanders around earth, confused with her purpose.


Myung-Hee is a soft spoken girl, not saying much when not necessary. On some rare ocassions, however, she will burst at random points when she believes that something is not right. Myung-Hee tends to be stubborn and never follow whatever someone says, thus being questioned by the other angels about where her loyalties lie: God or herself. She is known to stick to whatever she believes.