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  • Miku's Escape form
  • Miku's Animal (black cat) form
  • Miku's Fighting form
  • Miku's Goddess form
  • miku's human form
  • miku's school uniform
  • Miku's Fantasy form
  • Miku's Normal form
  • Miku's house
When she was young, she was standing on a cliff, looking at the scenery. The wind started to blow hard. she fell off. Some how she made wind blow and pick her up. The wind blew her on to the cliff. She thought that a god helped her, but she realized, she did it herself. The she knew she was the goddess of air.


She is fun to be around and will allways protect her friends. If you are mean to her he will bet you up badly.


She appears as a girl with long, black hair.

About Some of Her FormsEdit

Fighting form: She is in her ultimate power when she is in this form. Her eyes turn red in this form. She could even destroy a planet if she wanted to. Her Weapon: A HUGE Scythe.

Escape form: She can escape from anything. Sometimes when she is really sad, she randomly changes in to this form.

  • Miku is dating Riso