Name: Masami (雅美, meaning elegant beauty)

Element: Fire

Weapon: War fan

Height: 5ft 7in

Family: Daiyu (Older sister)

Goddess of: Fire and swordsmanship

Fun Fact: Loves Korean BBQ and Hates demons

She and Daiyu interchange weapons but most of the time they keep their own.

She glows a crimson aura


Masami is a more fun-loving person than Daiyu. She loves going to tourist destinations and is that one person who screams while falling down a water slide. She has to ability to control and manipulate fire and metal. She can instantly make a sword or any other weapon out of nowhere. She also has a habit of singing Last Christmas during late November and December, causing Daiyu to hit her with a broom.


Daiyu: Loves her like a sister, but wishes she wouldn't hit her with a broom.

Celeste: She's weird.


2nd human form

She wears a red floral kimono with red, pink, and purple flowers and her nagajuban (kimono undergarment) is seen at the collar of her kimono. She has long black hair cut into a hime cut that reaches mid-back. A thin red ribbon is tied to her hair, making a small half ponytail and dark gray eyes. She wear white tabi with normal geta shoes. She wears a miko outfit within the shrine.


Wham - Last Christmas (Lyrics)

Wham - Last Christmas (Lyrics)

(this is pretty much a joke)