A mage is someone who uses or practices magic. They are sometimes simulating the magic that others perform — or usually concealing their actual magic.


A common trait of magicians is that, no matter how spontaneously their abilities manifest, they must learn to use them. Occasionally these terms are used for people with innate abilities, they are surrounded by books in his/her tower/house owing to his/her studies.

Mages learn magic from either going to mage schools, take on roles of apprentices, or reading magic books(that some have magical properties of their own).

Some mages, after learning and mastering most spells, learn other elements and use more advanced magic.

Magical Items

Mages must have at least one or more magic items. Crystal balls can be bought at the main mage market.Rare herbs must be bought at far-away, more un-known mage markets. Rare herbs have special effects, they can be eaten for healing, dried ones that can be mixed in a potion to heal or damage items.

At most mage markets, there are quest boards. Mages take quests to earn money, but mostly, mages take on high-ranked quests to get magical items. They are five ranks:

  • The lowest rank, H rank.
  • The second lowest rank, G rank.
  • The thrid lowest rank, F rank.
  • The second highest rank, E rank.
  • The highest rank, S rank.

The higher the rank, the harder the quest is.

Most mages have weapons, the most common one is a staff, that has an element. More weapons are swords, bow and arrows, scythes, daggers, etc. with elements.

Use of Magic

Mages use magic to fight, get rid of stuff in their way, block their foes path, to help people, or, depending on what kind of magic it is, to re-build things. Magic has more uses, but mages rarely use those uses.

Characters that are mages

Emiko: Green's