Name: Laurel May

Race: Goddess

Goddess of: Plantlife, and the moonlight

Height: 5ft 5in

Abilities: Manipulation of flowers and plants and moonlight

She glows an amaranth aura but it becomes a dark red or maroon color when angered or annoyed


She's a fast-reacting, calm, rational person, who is very fond of flowers, gardening, the beach, and the moonlight. She does mixed martial arts, and uses her manipulation of plants as her weapons. She is a bit quick-tempered, though. And having a sibling relationship with Minhyuk, she often teases him and annoys him.


Minhyuk: Big-sister-little-brother relationship. Loves giving him noogies. Found out about and declared him her little brother.

Celeste: Thinks she got a crush on Minhyuk


Sadden kimono girl

Human form

She has long brown hair that goes to her hips and green eyes with a tint of teal and very faint rosy cheeks and wears a thick white ribbon that droops down and a thinner long ribbon on a hair lock on the left side of her head and another thin ribbon to tied with it and two small bells. She wears a black kimono with red accents with brown designs of flowers, leaves, and butterflies. The obi is a gold orange with maroon designs of leaves and thin branches.