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Open for RP!

Name: Kurai (meaning "dark")

Gender: Female. Duh.

A bit about Kurai: She's a necromancer. She grew up in a dark forest full of dark spirits that promised her power. She accepted the power, and can summon dark spirits to do her bidding. She hates most people. Especially Yoro because she's too cheerful.


Death Spell: Shortens a person's lifespan. If it's used against an immortal, than it just hurts alot.

Dark Spirit: Causes a dark spirit to appear. They cause alot of despair when they're around.

Scythe: Cuts people with her scythe. Her scythe can cut through almost anything.

Spirit Power: Summons a dark spirit to possess something.

Curse: Inflicts bad luck on one person.

Shadow Spell: Can become a shadow and slip around unnoticed for a maximum of one hour.

Curse: uses Death Staff to inflict a painful curse upon someone. Generally it just makes them tired, but it can also make weasels appear.

Pain: Hurts.