• Kogata's Goddess Form
  • Yorokobi and Kogata Being Helpful
  • Kogata's Animal Form
  • Kogata's Human Form
  • Angry Kogata
  • Awesome Wings
  • Kogata Being Possessed (As seen in God of Betrayal)
  • Kogata... actually doesn't own a sword.
Kogata (meaning 'small')

Other Titles: White-Haired Lunatic (as seen in Onsei Appears)

Twin Power: She is a friend and an entertainer

A bit about Kogata: She's not really a Goddess. Well, she is, but she's a Goddess who is a servant to other Gods and Goddesses, if that makes sense. She is clever and mischevious, like her sacred animal, the fox, but she can also be very shy, and is hardworking and loyal. She has a horrible temper, as well, which is where her angry form comes from. She is the sister of Yorokobi, the Goddess of arts and creativity. She is also the girlfriend of Base

Abilities: She is super fast, so fast that it seems she teleports from place to place. One thing that is not as well known, however, is that she can fire up to 12 arrows from her bow at once, and she can also literally shoot down the sun. Whenever the sun is shot down, it is up to her sister Yorokobi to put it back up again. She also has a Cookie Power, which, when performed with her sister, can make cookies rain down from the sky.

Ran's Theme - A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy

Ran's Theme - A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy

Changing her theme because the old one didn't suit her much (still don't own)

Appearance: Kogata is very pretty. Mostly. She has white (or pale gray) hair and red eyes, and often carries a weapon of some kind, because she is super cautious. In a bad mood, she tends to set herself on fire.

Owned by Kogata (Don't steal!!)