she's owned by firey


She is very fun and joyful. She loves to make new friends. She will do anything to protect her friends and fami
  • Kazumi's Human form
  • Kazumi's Goddess form
  • Kazumi's Fighting form
  • Kazumi's Human form 2
  • Kazumi's Animal form (a white kitten)
  • Kazumi's Fantasy form
  • Kazumi's School uniform
  • Kazumi's Normal form
  • Kazumi's Sky form
ly. She and Sol have been good friends for a LONG time. She will always trust him. He is her boyfriend. She isn't scared easily. She loves foxes and cats. If you need help, she will help you.


She is pretty. x3 She has orange hair. She is the goddess of the sky.

Fighting form: She looks like a knight. Her weapon is a sword and shield.

Human form: she wears a country-like outfit. She can play the flute very well in this form.

Human form 2: She wears an orange and white dress with small flowers in her hair.

Goddess form: She wears a cheerful outfit and carries a scepter. She is very cheerful and joyful in this form.

Animal form: She is a white kitten. She LOVES to play in this form. Her teeth and claws are very sharp.


she became a goddess when she turned 10. She was outside playing in the rain and she got shocked by lighting. Then the changed colors. Then she became the goddess of the sky.


  • She can make a thunder storm come.
  • She can make it rain lightly or hard
  • When she is battling, she can takeher foe in to a cloud to fight there.

Fun FactzEdit

She LOVES fruit. Espicially bananas and kumquat.

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