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Katsumi is the goddess of wisdom, war, and weapons. She became a goddess when she was born. She had a special talent. This talent was to be able to learn what a fully grown-up knows. When she was just 2 years old, she knew everything from kindergarten until college. Katsumi had a strong aura around her, and that's when the goddesses knew she was meant to be a goddess forever.


  • Goddess Form
  • Human Form
  • Human Form 2
  • Fighting Form
  • Animal Form
  • Her Weapon
Goddess Form: Katsumi's hair is brown and long in this form. She is wearing a white and pink dress. Her eyes are dark blue, and are mostly seen thinking. Her weapon is a sword that holds a lot of energy.

Fighting Form: She is very pretty in this form, but her mood is furious and strong. Many people are unlikely to beat her if asked to a duel.

Human Form: Again, she is very pretty in this form. He hair is long and black. She wears a white hat. She also wears a white and green dress.

Human Form 2: She is in her school uniform, even though she doesn't go to school. She is seen polishing a bow and arrow. Her hair is black.


Katsumi's weapon is a sword. It is very simple. The designs are beautiful. She herself designed the sword. It never fails to hit its target.


Katsumi is somewhat nice and shy. She gets very mad, though. She rarely turns into her fighting form unless needed.

She does not like any boys.


Damus: Damus is her younger brother. They are very close, and very nice with each other. She mourns for her brother, because there was a fight that Damus couldn't handle. He didn't exactly die, but he went to the heavens and can't come back to earth.

Daiyu: A somewhat annoying friend of hers.

Masami: Like Daiyu, she's annoying.

Yorokobi: Her best friend, and they've known each other ever since they've met.


Kingdom Hearts 2- Passion Instrumental

Kingdom Hearts 2- Passion Instrumental


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