• Kaiyne as a human
  • Kaiyne in human form after being turned into a vampire
  • Kaiyne as a vampire

About KaiyneEdit

Kaiyne is the leader of a group of ancient vampires. He is a sworn enemy against the gods, but he used to be the best friend of Loka.

Race: Vampire (Former human)

Abilities: Darkness, flight, mind manipulation

Animal Form: Bat (Obviously! XD )

Other Forms: None

Hair Color: Black (Formally brown)

Eye Color: Dark purple (Formally green)

Weapons: Longsword, short swords (2)

History of KaiyneEdit

Kaiyne was born in the countryside of Japan. At age 13, he began attended a boarding school in the city. He discovered the Dark Moon Organization when he was attacked by three Youkai and joined upon learning of it. When he was 17, Loka arrived at the school. They became best friends very quickly. When Loka joined the Dark Moon, he and Harina trained him, and they all became partners when Loka finished his training. Several months later, they were fighting a group of vampires he was kiddnapped. They turned him into a vampire at a sacred ceremony. From then on, he tries to kill Loka because he learned Loka was a god after his transformation.


As a human, Kaiyne was kind, thoughtful, generous, cautious, and brave. But he became the direct opposite after his transformation. He became unkind, mean, devious, and evil. He is emotionless, no emotion can be shown in any way.

He likes Akina

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