Inazuma is the goddess of lightning, weather, and archery. She is the sister of Sora.

Name: Inazuma (稲妻 Meaning "Lightning")

Title: Kumo no ya (雲の矢 Meaning "Arrow of The Clouds")
  • Inazuma's Goddess form
  • Inazuma's Fighting form
  • Inazuma as a human.


Inazuma is very kind and generous. She loves it when it rains. She is very shy at times. She is also very tomboy-ish

Inazuma HATES it when people boss her around. But on the other hand she is very caring. She likes The Life Lord. She is 15. (1500 years)


Goddess Form: She wears a white dress and a sapphire necklace.

Fighting form: She wears pure white armor and has a battle axe.

Human form: She wears a black fringy dress with a black head band.

School form: She wears a purple and red sailor like outfit.
  • Inazuma's Feather Arrows (CAUTION: VERY VERY sharp!)
  • Inazuma's Bow
  • Inazuma's Lucky Earings


Inazuma always watched the lightning strike as a storm when by. One day she was outside when lightning hit her. She thought she wouldn't survive, but then it was sunny. Then she saw an arrow shoot across the sky. She looking on her shoulder (where the lightning hit her) and the mark was gone. She got up. It felt like nothing had happened. She felt a tingling sensation and she realized she was a goddess.


Arrow In the Cloud: when there is a cloud over head, she shoots it with her feather bow and arrow and it rains.

Cloud: She can walk on clouds

Cloud Arrow: She shoots an arrow made of clouds at her foe and the foe gets wraped around in clouds. Then the clouds send them away.

Rain Stick: She can make it rain poision.