Hinikuna (meaning "sarcastic" or "ironic"

Appearance: Hinikuna never frowns, even if he's angry. He always wears that pleasant, mischevious smile. He also likes to dress in black for some reason. He doesn't like the colour black, but he never wears any other colour. Apparently he doesn't know why himself. How ironic. He is also quite handsome.

A bit about Hinikuna: He is a very sick and twisted person. His favourite thing to do is manipulating people's emotions so they argue and eventually try to kill each other. He laughs at every conflict and is present (although generally invisible) at every argument, no matter where in the world, and he the cause of most of them. Hinikuna is also behind a lot of suicides. Judging by a few inaccurate calculations by Kogata, he is probably very powerful. Hinikuna so far has not been in any battles; however he has proved to be very cunning and elusive.

File:【ヘタ鬼派生動画】 HetaOni OST - You Have Joined a Raid Group 【APヘタリア】

Clones: Hinikuna can make clones of himself at will, although without the proper ritual (which takes a few hours), they will not be very powerful. The clones share his thoughts and personality.

Manipulation: If Hinikuna is relatively close to his target, then he can manipulate their emotions and (sometimes) make them hallucinate. One of his personal favourites.

"Oh the irony": A personalised attack. Beforehand, Hinikuna does a bit of background-reading on your past, and depending on that, finds a horribly gory hallucination especially for you. Some of it is more painful than Nejireta's whip.

Owned by _Kogata_. I might RP him sometimes, but probably not.