• Harina's Human form
  • Harina's Fighting form
  • Harina's Angel form
  • Harina's School form
  • Harina's Weapon (a bow and arrow)
This character is: OPEN FOR RP

About HarinaEdit

Harina is an angel, but formally was a human. She was good friends with Loka and Kaiyne.

Race: Angel (Former human)

Abilities: Flight, light energy, invisibility

Animal Form: None

Other Forms: Human

Hair Color: Dark brown (Formally black)

Eye Color: Silver (Formally purple)

Weapons: Bow and Arrow

History of HarinaEdit

She was born in an alley of Japan; her mother died after giving birth to her. Two days later, she was discovered by a married couple. She was nursed back to help by them, and later adopted by them as well. When she was 15, a youkai killed her adoptive parents, leaving her homeless. Her friend, Kaiyne, signed her up to go to the boarding school he attended. On her first day, she joined the Dark Moon. When Loka first arrived at the school, she fell in love with him instantly. When he first joined the Dark Moon, she trained him along with Kaiyne and became partners with him after he finished his training. A couple of months later, Loka fell in love with her and they made plans to get married. Soon after, the goddess Isinia (goddess of hatred who was in love with Loka also) came to Earth and cursed her, turning her into an angel, because angels are forbidden to get married and have children. She remains as a fighter in the Dark Moon and a student at the school.


Harina is very beautiful to start off, attracting the attention of many gods and goddess's. She is kind, thoughtful, and caring, resembling Kaiyne before he became a vampire. She is protective of those she loves and is only mean and unkind to those who hurt her friends and family.

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