What are Gods/Goddesses?

God are most of our characters in this wiki and are known to defy anything and are the god(dess) of something.

The traits of a god are: omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), omnibenevolence (perfect godness) divine simplicity and eternal and necessary existence (Immortal).

those are the traits of a normal god


As you know, gods have to be a god of a place, or a special kind of magic. (ex: The seas, wisdom, music, etc.) They are very powerful, and known to be immortal.

No one knows where they come from. Of course, they're gods, so they are one of the oldest inhabitants of the heavens.

In Battle, War, or Duels

In Battle/War:

Since gods are immortal they don't exactly "die". They have golden blood called ichor. If hit by a kind of magic or weapon or any sort, they may bleed, depending how serious the hit is. They have an ability to make a potion to heal themselves if they have enought power left. If they're too weak, then chances are, they may lose an ability to be on Earth. They will rise up into the heavens, and it depends if they come back down to Earth. If they do, they will be ghostly and not in their true human form.

In Duels:

These are not as serious as battles or war. This is not even close to a war. It is mostly done to show friendliness or to see if their opponent is powerful. When gods duel with each other, they use their powers, but not as powerful they would normally do it. (ex: When a god uses his or her sword, he or she may give a little cut to the opponent.) The injury will heal quickly. If a god hurts their opponent badly, there are penalties.


~The most common forms are: Earth Forms, God Forms, and Animal Forms.

~Some god(esses) have Fantasy Forms or more than one god(ess) forms.

Earth Form:

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Characters that are gods or goddesses

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