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Disco is the god of partying. He is a fun kind of person who likes to party. His girlfriend is Rina. He is roleplayed by Dynovan.

Disco in god form


Disco is a laid back and lively person. He likes to party, and owns a club called 'Party Central'. Everyone in the area comes to his club. When fighting he can fire lightning out of his hands.

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Most likely to sayEdit

"Free drinks on a Saturday morning!"

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Disco's girlfriend is Rina.
  • He is a whizz at Monopoly.
  • He likes soda.
  • He drives a lamboughini (This was Bluey's idea! XD).


Rina- Disco's girlfriend. He would do anything for her.

Narissa - Disco's former crush, she is a good friend to him.

Vazase - A good friend of Disco's. He comes to Party Central a lot.

Calan - Disco's oldest friend. They have a long history of being friends.

Base - Base sometimes plays at Party Central. They ae good friends.

The Life Lord - Disco and The Life Lord rarely speak to each other.

Damus - A very good friend of Disco's.

Akina - Disco hardly knows this goddess, but he respects her as she is an elder god.

Yumeko Amaya - Disco speaks to this kitsune sometimes.

Sensau - Disco is good friends with Sensau.