~ This is a fanfiction by BigTimeAwesomeness. It is Part 2 in the Lost God Saga. This story is NOT a romance, but has some romantic stuff in it now and again. If you have not read Part 1, Storms on the Horizon, go and read before continuing. The end of Part 1 was a little confusing, but it will make sense if you are a smart person. The characters are the same as Part 1, Yuzuki , the goddess of the moon, Romani, the goddess of video games, Tsukiko, a young Lunarian, Akina, the goddess of the sun, Haruka, the minor goddess of beauty, and Damus, the god of love, beauty, and swordplay, with Mi Kyoung, Yumeko's adoptive sister.

End of Part 1:

It was a tall man. He had dark skin and glowing orange eyes. He had a black robe on and a sword hanging at his side. He looked down at her.

"Greetings, Akina," he spoke in a deep, gravely voice.

"H-how do you know my name?" Akina replied.

"I'm omniscient, I know everything."

Akina drew the sword that she carried for protection. "Why are you here?"

"To give you a warning. The Destroyer is returning from the Underworld to reclaim control of his army from his daughter, Orochi. He is stronger than he was before. All the gods must work together to defeat him and his army."

"Who's the Destoyer? And what do you mean by 'before'?"

The figure didn't answer. He turned to the house and spoke "Norenas has spoken."

"No, it can't be." Akina turned to see Damus staring at the figure, Norenas he called himself. Suddenly, purple lightning flashed from the sky and struck the figure. In a flash, he was gone.

Damus ran over, his eyes wide in disbelief. "How is this possible? He's been missing forever."

"You know him? Who is he?"

Damus gulped. "If I'm right, we just encountered Norenas, the Lost God, who's been missing for 200,000 years."

Part 2:

"Th-the lost god?" Akina stuttered.

"Yes," Damus said, a serious look on his face. "Let's go inside. It doesn't look like it's gonna stop raining anytime soon."

Akina nodded, rain still pouring down on their heads. They ran inside and walked th the kitchen. Tsukiko, who was still sitting there in the kitchen, stared at them, confused.

They walked up the stairs into Akina's bedroom. After Damus stepped inside, she closed the door and locked it. She pulled a chair from her desk out and sat on it. Damus sat down on the bed.

"Alright, we're alone. Tell me everything," she whispered.

"Since I'm telling you this, I should tell you it right. From the beginning...."


"There was a time where no gods lived on Earth. The first gods and goddesses lived in Heaven, ancient deities long-forgotten and powerless. They controlled Earth from Heaven; none of them ever dared to go down to Earth, but Norenas did. I was originally a mortal, and I loved a good life on Earth. I had a loving family, a good education, and a job. My entire life changed when Norenas appeared to me. He claimed to be the god of prophecy, and offered to make me a god. I agreed, and he made me the god of love and beauty. Later, however, I would event sword-fighting and become the god of swordplay. Over the next thousand years, more and more gods and goddesses until we had at least over a hundred living on Earth. This is, of course, all before you and your brother were created, Akina. But that was when the trouble began. One of the gods living in Heaven came to Earth. His name was Mortis, the god of destruction, also known as the Destroyer. He got that name after he destroyed 20 planets in this galaxy. Yes, before they were destroyed, this galaxy had 29 planets. He came to Earth and started creating demons. After a period of time, he had an army of demons, millions of them. He attacked the world, and destroyed every single god living on Earth except Norenas and myself. After the war reached its climax, the gods living in Heaven created the Underworld, stripped Mortis of his power, and imprisoned him and his army in it. But Norenas gave a prophecy that said that, one day, Mortis would escape his prison. When the elder gods learned of the prophecy, they came to Earth and created the Phantasm, a mortal who would become immortal and be the Keeper of the Underworld, keeping Mortis imprisoned there. Many years later, Mortis' daughter, Orochi, tried to free him, but failed. Over time, the elder gods began to fade, so they created you, Akina to be the keeper of the world, but I didn't know that. For years, I believed me and Norenas were the last gods in existance, so we traveled around the world together. But after a few years, Norenas vanished, and I believed he had faded. So I wandered Earth, searching for any god or goddess. After 18,000 years, I found you, and hundreds of other gods or goddesses. And I also found Riso was the next Phantasm, but the first one in thousands of years. I traveled to the Underworld and found Mortis' prison weakening, allowing him to escape. But I still believed Norenas was gone forever. But his appearence tonight confirmed my suspicions: Mortis is escaping his prison, and when he does, Orochi and Kaoru, my long-lost brother, will be ready with their army to help him destroy the world. And, because Riso left with Airi to find Vazase, there's no one to stop Mortis' escape. But how we defeated him last time was all the gods working together, so what we need to do is gather all the gods in the world together and combat the darkness, as Norenas said. We must do that as soon as possible, but the most important matter of business is finding Airi, Vazase, and Riso."


Akina sat there in silence, trying to comprehend everything Damus was saying. When he finished the story, a long silence followed. Finally, Akina spoke.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"There was no need before."

Akina's wise eyes glowed with thought. "Then what do you suppose we do?"

"I suggest we lead an expidition to find them. Can't you sense a person's aura?"

Akina nodded.

"Then you could track their aura and we could search for them wherever it is."

A silence followed. Eventually, Akina said "That is actually a pretty good idea. Is it ok if I choose who we take? I have some people in mind.

Damus nodded.

Akina smiled. "Great. We'll meet here tomorrow then set out."


Akina wasted no time.

10 o'clock the following morning, she had six people there: Yuzuki, Yumeko, Romani, Tsukiko, Mi Kyoung (she had tagged along with Tsukiko and Yumeko), and, to Damus' delight, Haruka. They were all in the kitchen. Damus was sitting there as well, deep in conversation with Haruka and Romani.

Akina stood up and started speaking.

"Alright, you guys are here today because we need members of an expedition. As we all know, Airi, Vazase, and Riso have vanished. We need to find them."

"Why?" Yumeko questioned. "I thought you hated the smell of love."

"This is not because I want them back. It's because we NEED them back."

"If you don't mind me asking," Mi Kyoung asked. "Why?"

"Damus?" Akina gestured.

Damus then stood and told them the entire story. They all either went wide-eyed or gasped. When Damus finished, they all sat in shocked silence. Yumeko, Mi Kyoung, and Tsukiko whispered back and forth.

Finally, Yumeko stood up and spoke.

"I will go, and Tsukiko and Mi Kyoung will go too. Even though I'm not exactly pleased Vazase and Airi will be back, if what you say is true, it is neccessary we find them.

"I'll go too," Romani said.

"So will I," Yuzuki said. "As long as Damus brings donuts."

"Perfect," Akina said, pleased. She turned to Haruka and said "What about you, Haruka? You've been pretty quiet."

Haruka didn't reply. After a moment, she said "I'm not sure if it is the right thing to do, but I'll go. But I sense something awry about this scheme."

Akina smiled.

"Then we'll set out in an hour."

They all left, and an hour later, they were all gathered outside Akina's house, each with a backpack of the nessecary materials. Damus turned to Akina.

"Ok, Akina, do your stuff."

Akina nodded, and her eyes glowed pure white. After a moment, her eyes returned to their original color.

"They're in the Cave of Dreams," she whispered.


Told you guys it would all make sense. Keep watch for Part 3 of the Lost God Saga, "Into the Cave of Dreams," coming soon.

Author's Note: OMG, guys, writing this fanfiction saga is so much fun! The idea behind this series is one I used for a book I started, but I wasn't able to finish. Thank you for all the support you give me and all the positive opinions I got from Part 1. You guys are so awesome! :) :) :)