• Damus, in god form
  • Damus, in human form


Damus is the god of love, beauty, and swordplay. He is one of the elder gods, even older than Akina. His weapons are throwing knives and two long swords. He can cause people to fall in love and can cause people to be attracted to his beauty.


He, along with his sister, Katsumi, were created by the eldest gods to cause humans to fall in love. The gods chose a mortal named Amoina was trusted to raise them, but died twenty years after. After Amoina's death, Damus was separated from his sister. Overtime, when swords were first created, he was the first to master sword-fighting, thus becoming the god of swordplay. For years, he lived thinking he was the only god on Earth until he discovered Akina and all the other immortals living at her house or close to there.

  • He lives in his house in a forest.
  • He likes Haruka.


He flirts a lot with any female. But he's the god of beauty, so that's expected. He is easily persuaded, and he is friends with everyone. He is extremely irritable when he's tired and can get easily mad when someone is annoying him. He is an amazing cook.