~ This is a fanfiction written by BigTimeAwesomeness. This is the third fanfiction in the Love Saga. The characters are Vazase, the god of rain, Airi, the goddess of nature, Akina, the goddess of the sun, and Kaoru, the god of poison. Enjoy! ~

The sun was setting on another amazing day.

Akina was sitting on the ground by the lake outside her house. Yet another day gone by, she thought, making her happy she was immortal.

A few moments later, she saw something in the distance.

And then she groaned.

It was Vazase and Airi.

An entire month had passed since they started dating. And with each day, their love grew stronger. She couldn't stand the smell of love, and with it growing more and more, her distaste grew as well.

"So, I smacked the elf, and he cussed me out in Arabic," Vazase said.

"How do elves speak Arabic?" Airi asked. "I thought they were German."

"I don't know, but he was so p.o'd, he was stuttering."

Airi laughed, and Akina flinched. They reached the front door, and then Vazase saw Akina.

"Hey, Akina," he yelled.

She nodded back, avoiding eye contact.

"Is it ok if Airi spends the night here? She's getting her house renovated and she has nowhere else to stay."

"Is it ok if she sleeps in YOUR room?" Akina asked.

"NO NO NO NO NO," Vazase said, his eyes wide in disgust. "I meant she could sleep in my room and I could sleep on the couch in the living room."

"Oh. That's fine," Akina said, still watching the sunset.