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Akina is the goddess of the sun. Her aura color is aureolin.


Akina was one of the first gods that the Japanese started worshiping. They prayed to her to let the sun shine on their crops and offered gifts such as sunflowers to please her. The tales of Akina say that she was born from the sun itself, while other stories say she created the sun herself.

Now, she resides in the mountains of Japan where she lets traveling gods rest. The house is invisible to humans, but some have the ability to see it.


Akina is a motherly figure to many of the gods. She is very caring and gives a lot of lectures to the younger gods whenever they make stupid mistakes, but she also helps them overcome their problems and gives them advice. She is endearing and serious whenever she needs to be, but she can be a bit boastful at times. She cooks very well, according to those who stop and rest at her house.

Akina does not give very good love advice, but she has gotten better at it over the years. She still does not understand the concept of love, not being a god that was a human first.


Akina's black hair is waist length with straight across bangs. She has pale skin and warm brown eyes. While in her house, she wears a red and yellow kimono embellished with flowers. If she ever has to leave, she wears whatever is in her closet to blend in with the humans. She has a terrible fashion sense, so it still makes her stand out in a crowd.


Being the sun goddess, Akina doesn't have a lot of powers. She can make the sun rise whenever during the night. She can also make it instantly sunny, but only if it is cloudy or lightly raining or snowing. She can also make a small ball of sunlight for light.

Since she doesn't have many powers, Akina trained herself to use swords. Besides that, she is very good in judo.

Akina is also very good at cooking.