This is a fanfic by Dynovan. It is told by Disco, and is about his life, opinions and feelings.

Three four, three four! Sorry, guys, if I seem mad. I'm dancing, you see. It takes my mind off things. I'm allowed to - I am the god of partying! Well, I try to be when other things aren't on my mind.

There's an evil demon on the loose, who's out to destroy all. But how can I fight it? I know that when I do, all the people I love will pay the price. He's in control here, not me. He'll hurt my best friend, Calan. He'll hurt my... other best friend, Narissa. And above all, he'll hurt Rina, and how could I lose her? I can't. It's virtually impossible.

There's something I've been meaning to ask Rina. I'm syre you can guess what. But I worry that it's too early to ask. If I do ask her, thrn the pressure of Vorlon on all of us will disappear. No one can fight against a truly bonded god couple. Rina, Rina, Rina... those eyes, that hair, that heart-stopping smile - no wonder I got drawn in.

But then there's Narissa. If Rina hadn't come into my life, I think things would have been very, very different. It's obvious thst she likes me, and I liked her too, once. I still do now, but not in... that way. But I know that she's not gonna let Vorlon in. She'll probably throw a pie in his face.

I'm also worried about my friends. Calan knows Vorlon, and Vorlon knows Calan. No doubt Calan knows how to stop hoim. but he can't speak his name without being in considerable pain. Vorlon hurt him. And he'll do the same again, if I don't stop him.

But right now, none of that matters. I'm gonna keep dancing, and I'll face whatever comes at me. We all will. Because I'm Disco, the god of partying - and I'm dancing.

I hope you enjoyed that! Look out for more fanfics soon! Dyno out.